Introducing: eyebrow microblading at FLOW: Samira Brow Couture!  Microblading, also known as 3D eyebrow embroidery, is an advanced semi-permanent brow embroidery technique to create thin, beautiful, realistic hair like strokes on the brows, which can last 1-3 years!

Brow artist Samira is a permanent makeup artist, certified makeup artist and certified microblading artist, having trained in Europe directly under Master Dovile Zilinskaite of Branco Babic’s PhiBrows™, the world’s most prestigious microblading academy in the world (she’s the FIRST Phibrows certified artist in Loudoun County, VA!). Follow @samirabrowcouture on Instagram to see pics.


– balanced brows by utilizing the golden ratio that suits your unique face shape

– almost impossible to differentiate between what hairs are real and what hairs are not

– a few strokes can simply be added to your own brow to create definition or extra length and thickness

– perfect for those who have over plucked or lost their brows through age, hormonal changes, and medication- or are simply tired of dedicating time to drawing their brows on everyday only to wipe or sweat them off

– healed results of microblading provide a much softer look than that of traditional brow makeup which can look overdone and harsh on the face.

– PhiBrows pigments are iron-oxide FREE pigments are a safe alternative that do not deposit heavy metals in the the skin.

For more info and rate, visit: www.samirabrowcouture.com! Note that all appointment bookings are through Samira Brow Couture and not at FLOW- email samirabrowcouture@gmail.com or text 703.940.7470 to book!